Residents are encouraged to have a look at the Draft Local Plan on the Local Plan website

July 2018 update

The Draft Local Plan is being examined and the Councils have received comments from the examiners (EXC15) that the councils have responded to (EXC16) that affect our Neighbourhood Plan. See the examination page of their website for details.

October 2018 update

As a result of the examination, the examiners have propose major modifications. The Councils have responded with proposed modifications, that can be viewed on the Modifications consultation page of their website

The following sections may be of especial interest to Kingston:

S06 – Delivering a prosperous and sustainable South West Devon (page 168)

SO9 – Maintaining the viability of the many sustainable villages in the rural area (page 224)
S010 – Maintaining a beautiful and Thriving countryside (page 227)
S011 – Delivering high quality development (page 230)
TTV2 – Delivering sustainable development in the Thriving Towns and Villages Policy Area (page 171)
TTV3 – Strategic infrastructure measures for the Main Towns (page 174)

TTV30 – Empowering local residents to create strong and sustainable communities, (page 224) & also please refer to fig 5.8 pp225/226

TTV31 – Development in the countryside (page 227)
DEV1 – Protecting health and amenity (page 231)
DEV10 – Delivering high quality housing (page 240)

Pre submission Regulation 19 consultation closed on April 26th 2017.


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