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Community Involvement

Effective community engagement and a robust evidence base are the pillars on which a good NP will be built – (

Kingston Neighbourhood Plan is a Community Plan and derives its objectives, actions and authority from the Community.

Consequently the Community need to be kept informed of progress and given every opportunity to be involved and tell the Task Group what they want.  This website is part of that Communication Process.

The Task Group will:

  • Engage with the community at all stages in the process of producing Kingston’s Neighbourhood Development Plan .
  • Engage with the community early on to raise awareness and gather information and initial views on broad issues.
  • Consult throughout the process so that people can suggest improvements and feedback on earlier suggestions.
  • Consult on the final draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan .

How to have your say…

Contact us

The Timeline

  • Spring 2017 – Website launched, consultation questionnaire prepared
  • Late Summer/early autumn 2017 – Consultation by questionnaire
  • Winter 2017 to Spring 2019 – Prepare the draft Plan for consultation
  • 2019 – Public Consultation on the draft Plan
  • Still to come:
  • 2020 – a further consultation run by SHDC
  • Independent examination
  • 2021 – Referendum

The Plan was delayed by the independent examination of the Joint Local Plan that resulted in some major modifications.

The Parish Council can be contacted via the Clerk at or 01548 810272

The South Hams District Council Planning Department can be contacted on 01803 861122 or

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