Residents are encouraged to have a look at the Draft Local Plan on the Local Plan website

The following sections may be of especial interest to Kingston:

S06 – Delivering a prosperous and sustainable South West Devon (page 168)

SO9 – Maintaining the viability of the many sustainable villages in the rural area (page 224)
S010 – Maintaining a beautiful and Thriving countryside (page 227)
S011 – Delivering high quality development (page 230)
TTV2 – Delivering sustainable development in the Thriving Towns and Villages Policy Area (page 171)
TTV3 – Strategic infrastructure measures for the Main Towns (page 174)

TTV30 – Empowering local residents to create strong and sustainable communities, (page 224) & also please refer to fig 5.8 pp225/226

TTV31 – Development in the countryside (page 227)
DEV1 – Protecting health and amenity (page 231)
DEV10 – Delivering high quality housing (page 240)

Pre submission Regulation 19 consultation closed on April 26th 2017.


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