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Next Step: Referendum on 6th May 2021

The Kingston Neighbourhood Plan has reached the next stage which means that it must now be given substantial weight in the planning process.

South Hams District Council and Kingston Parish Council have accepted the Independent Examiner’s Report and the final referendum version of the Plan has been prepared which reflects the Report has also been accepted.

The next step is for the Plan to be put to a vote of Kingston parishioners at the election booked for 6th May 2021. If a majority of voters accept the Plan then it is expected to be made by SHDC soon afterwards.

2020 consultation responses

The many responses have now been published on the SHDC website here.

Thank you very much from the Neighbourhood Plan Team for the many supporting comments.

2019 consultation responses

We had over 100 people and organisations respond to last year’s (Regulation 14) draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. It has taken us a few months to work through the comments, some of which were quite detailed, and provide responses to show how the Plan has been changed and reflects the wishes of the parishioners.

Updated Plan submitted

WE ARE NEARLY THERE! After almost 4 years of hard work and the tremendous support of the village, Kingston Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to South Hams District Council (SHDC), which now requires a final 6 week consultation process, which will run from 3 August to 14 September. On completion of that and a successful Inspection of the Plan, it will be put to a referendum for all those on SHDC Electoral Register for Kingston Parish.

Have a look at and the Evidence Base to see the full submission, supporting documents and the responses to the many comments received.

Draft Plan consultation now!

All the supporting documents are now available on the website.

For information about the drop-in sessions, see our home page above.