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This is your opportunity to have a say in how the area you live in develops over the next 15 years.

Kingston Neighbourhood Development Plan is a Community Plan and must derive its objectives, actions and authority from you, the Community.

The Kingston Neighbourhood Plan Task Group is developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Kingston and will use this website to share the latest information and findings with you. You will be kept informed of progress and given every opportunity to be involved and to tell the Task Group what you want.  This website is part of our Communication Process.

The Plan will go for approval by the Kingston Parish Council, an external inspector and, ultimately South Hams District Council, before all residents living in the Kingston Neighbourhood Plan Area are asked to vote whether or not to accept the Plan.

If it is then accepted by a majority of residents, the Plan will be adopted by South Hams District Council ( SHDC) as part of the new Joint Local Development Plan for the South Hams, West Devon and Plymouth.  It will form the basis for determining planning applications for the Parish of Kingston.  A Neighbourhood Plan can set policies for development and use of land, identify key local priorities, allocate sites for housing or other development.

Most importantly it will be YOUR PLAN.  Are you prepared to help plan for Kingston’s future?

Contact us if you can help.